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Mourning Lisi



Winter in New Jersey

Mixed Marriage

Rose and Amir in Bed
Surrounded by Angels

Bella on the Chair

First Prize

Songs You Can Sing To Your Dog

Welcome to My World

My Mother Eating Birthday Cake in Heaven

Mardi Gras in Maine

Canine Best Sellers

Chickens Rule

The Hat Factory

June Wedding


More Songs You Can Sing To Your Dog

Real Estate in Chicken Land

Newark, New Jersey

Wade in the Water

Chicken Tree

Here You Go

Abraham and the Angels

The Death of Sarah

Satan, Inc: Non-stop Babel

Babel I

Babel with TV

Shabbat Shalom, Y'all!
Mixed Media on Paper
24 x 30

First Date in Chicken Land
mixed media
17 x 22

The Word Factory
Mixed Media on Paper
24 x 30

The Candidates
Mixed Media on Paper
and Wood Window Frame
17 x 31

Marion's First Fall
Mixed Media on Paper
24 X 30


God's Arms Are Very Long
Mixed Media
22 x 30

We Love You Emerson
Mixed Media on Paper
22 x 25

Getting Ready
Mixed Media on Board
19" x 29"

Shelter From The Storm
Mixed Media on
Cast Off Wooden
Cabinet Front
11 X 27

"...the value of Moses's approach lies in the authenticity and vibrancy of Moses's own passion for her sources, and her daring willingness to marry outsider visual conditions with the Jewish mystical tradition...her paintings become, then, the outworking of her spiritual aspirations, the concrete embodiment of. . . prayer."
Caroline Langston, "Insider/Outsider/In: the Art of Jennifer Anne Moses," *Image, *fall 2013.