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My essays appear regularly in TIME. You can see them here:

My work appears regularly in the Times of Israel. You can see it here:

Envy---Author Magazine

Lola's Funeral---Image Journal

Songs of Grief and Longing ---Notre Dame Magazine

The Longing in My Soul - Notre Dame Magazine

It's for Joy, Undiluted - Notre Dame Magazine

Lola’s Funeral---Image Journal

At the Mouth of The Mississippi, A Weird and Fragile Beauty - The New York Times

What Are We Writing For? - Notre Dame Magazine

Literary Louisiana - The New York Times

A Bookworm's Travel Plan - The New York Times

London, South of the River (Before 'Brexit') - The New York Times

Rolling Along the River - The New York Times

Looking for Clementine Hunter's Louisiana - The New York Times

In the Footsteps of the Romans - The New York Times

Baltimore Travel Coverage - The New York Times

Where Glasgow Glows - The New York Times

Is Culture Wasted on the Very Young? - The New York Times

Giving In to the Pub Life - The New York Times

Reasons To Love A City - The New York Times

Don't Take Boswell to the Beach - The New York Times

The Lost Tribe of Natchez - The New York Times

Why Do We Let Girls Dress Like That? - The Wall Street Journal

SAT, ACT, Admissions Costs, Tutor Costs: The College Frenzy - The Wall Street Journal

Jennifer Moses on Young Kids' Sleep Troubles - The Wall Street Journal

Jennifer Moses - The Catastrophe Is Not Over - Washington Post

Jennifer Moses - Why Jesus Is Welcome In the ... - Washington Post

Jennifer Moses - Starving The Beast - Washington Post

HOT AND BOTHERED - The Washington Post

My Sister's Wedding - The Washington Post

THE CRYING GAME - The Washington Post

Visiting modern-day Nazareth, no longer in biblical ... - Washington Post

RITUAL QUESTIONS - The Washington Post

PARTIED OUT - The Washington Post

HOOKED COOKS - The Washington Post

THE REMAINS OF HER DAYS - The Washington Post

Norway in the offseason - The Washington Post

We love Barack Obama so much because we're stuck ... - USA Today

Cultural appropriation through the lens of artists - USA Today

I have a Cadillac health insurance plan in a land of jalopies. How is that fair?... - USA Today

How Baton Rouge responds after flood is the news ... - USA Today

The anti-Semitism we hoped to never see again: Column - USA Today

In our boastful, social media obsessed age, humility is in ... - USA Today

Ivy League degrees aren't necessarily better than other ... - USA Today

Snazzy Updates for the GOP --Newark Star-Ledger

Joni Mitchell in Old Age--the Newark Star Ledger

The great delusion, Newark Star Ledger

The mindset of scarcity, Newark Star Ledger

Finding Comfort in an Uncomfortable World, Newark Star Ledger

Waiting for the other shoe to drop, Newark Star Ledger

The Consolations of Letter Writing, Newark Star Ledger

Passover and the 10 plagues during a time of plague, Newark Star Ledger

Be wary of William P. Barr, christian warrior, Newark Star Ledger

Why at 59, I'm knocking on doors, canvassing for candidates ..., Newark Star Ledger

When picking between 2 bad choices, pick the kook, Newark Star Ledger

The real divide between the right and the left in America might, Newark Star Ledger

A wandering mom on the lost art of getting lost, Newark Star Ledger

Tucker Carlson Has Blood on his Hands,

We’re Falling Apart at the Seams,

Abortion, My Mother, and Mikie,

The Festival of Light During a Time of Darkness,

What 2020 Taught Us,

Another Kind of Real Estate--NY Daily News

What’s love got to do with it? A question for fellow liberals, New York Daily News

Driven absolutely mad: I’m at my wit’s end over this president, which I know is how he likes it, New York Daily News

Grownup America Has Had Enough, New York Daily News


My work for the Satirist can be found here: